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Our Vision

You might have lived your whole life not beelieving the power you have inside of you. You are more creative than you think. A beeing; made to create.

Our mission is to motivate you to bee who you are meant to bee. Together we can explore and empower this side of you. With our resources we want to create something bigger than us, something meant to stay.

For the community, by the community.

We are Beeings.


this is a beeing

A Beeing comes in many shapes and colors. This is the most common type. Beeings are all about inclusivity, so much so that it's part of their biology. Beeings are capable of creating any kind of animal or Beeing called hybrids! Hybrids are just as much Beeings as most common type. Being a Beeing comes from the heart, not from your shell. This leaves room for a lot of creative appearances. Let's meet other Beeings below.

Our collection consists of 10,000 uniquely created Beeings, with over 230+ traits, including a couple secret ones...

Every Beeing and trait has been digitally hand-drawn by Leon Karssen.


Kyler Allen

Kyler Allen


Kyler is a visionary and a passionate leader. With experience in marketing for over 10+ years. Kyler has built many successful personal brands in the past and has built several networks amassing well over 25+ million followers across all platforms. His heart is to empower people and create value wherever he goes. Kyler's previous endeavors include the sports card industry where he had amassed a 7 figure sales operation in sports memorabilia.

Leon Karssen

Leon Karssen


Leon Karssen is a Dutch illustrative artist living in the United States. With his own art style he created a universe with endless amounts of characters. He is known for his trademark blue cat, and little naked skater doodles. His passion for creating and skateboarding lead into creating a brand that has been available in over 800 stores worldwide, including Zumiez. From his own shoes with Lakai to an interview and content on Thrasher, he has left his mark in the skate community. Aside the many companies he has worked with in the skate industry, he has worked on multiple campaigns with Oatly, Wargaming, and more.


A total of 10,000 unique beeings at .075 ETH.

Our pre-sale will start on Jan 31st, 7pm EST and our public sale starts Feb 1st, 7pm EST.

Our roadmap is a bit different. With our experience and resources, our vision is to build something greater than ourselves that sustains. You could say… a revolution. A global brand of free thinkers and creativity roaming in and out through the industry. Bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 is our main focus, as you will see shortly...

The Beeings represent more than just a brand or a community. We represent creativity and the ability to dream again. We aspire to build a community of like minded individuals who desire to build something great.